I'm Jessica. I married that handsome fellow up there in October 2010. He's kind of the best thing that's ever happened to me, followed closely by our little boy who was born on April 5, 2012. I'm a Texas A&M College of Architecture graduate, photographer, humbled follower of Jesus Christ, lover of all things chocolate, avid Craigslist peruse-r, and a new DIY-er, learning one project at a time.

My mom is a creative faucet, my dad is an engineer with a brain just as linear, and I ended up with exactly half of each. It makes for some interesting mental conflicts, I have to say. My design sense is particularly affected... I lust after refinished pieces of furniture, but at the same time I can't help but be drawn to the clean lines of modern design.

We're now in our second apartment, a two bedroom, and I'm looking forward to a bunch of future projects, starting with the nursery. It's constantly a work in progress! 

I always enjoyed taking pictures as a kid, but it really wasn't until college that I developed a specific passion for it. I enrolled in a traditional photography class and, armed with my Dad's 70's model Minolta, was bitten by the darkroom bug, so to speak. The class was only one semester, but it taught me a lot about light, composition and how to frame each shot deliberately and to make each one count. I've moved over to the digital side of things, but still try to operate with the same principals.


Canon 7D
28mm-135mm f/3.5-5.6
50mm f/1.8
Bower SFD728C
Sto-fen Omni-Bounce OM-C

1975 Minolta SR505
1977 Minolta XD11
35mm f/2.8
50mm f/1.7
135mm f/2.8
75mm-205mm f/3.8