Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lindsey's Senior Pictures

When my in-laws came into town last month for a visit, we (me, the husband, my brother-in-law William and my sister-in-law Lindsey) escaped for a day downtown to take Lindsey's senior pictures. We first hit up Zilker Gardens and then made our way over near South Congress to sneak walk around the alleyways and whatnot to find some cool spots. Lindsey is, for lack of a better word, crazy. But the awesome kind. She's hardcore into basketball (she plays on her HS varsity team) but can't leave the house unless her hair looks perfect (you know it's true, Linz). Not to mention she's a ridiculous ball of energy. We love her to death and her silliness made the photoshoot all that more fun. She was a trooper, too - we walked around for about 4 hours in the middle of the day and in this summer weather, that means 100+ degree temps. Now that they have the final images on disc, I thought I'd post a few of my favorites. Including some outtakes at the end... :)

Um, yeah. Apparently playing basketball gives you killer legs. Sign me up! Also, if you're a boy, look away.

And now may I present to you: "Gangsta" Lindsey and Overly-Giddy Lindsey. She hearts haterz.

This last picture on the right is quite possibly my favorite of all of them. Classic Lindsey.

She might kill me for posting these last couple, but deep down she loves them too :)


  1. I won't KILL you...I mean I don't look THAT bad! :)

    I love this whole post, best one EVER!! Not because its about me or anything...just...the way you...typed and...ok because its about me! And least my hair always looks good! :)

    you're the best sister I could ever ask for!!!!!!! (Not in law, just sister!!) I love you and Charles and you are amazing!!

  2. Haha you're cute. I'm glad you're my sister! :)

  3. Your sister is gorgeous and the photos look amazing! It must be nice to have a photographer in the family!

  4. What adorable pictures! Your sister looks great :)