Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gettin' Present (& Correct) With It

Today on my daily stroll through Pinterest, I discovered an eclectic website that has been around for a few years but until now has escaped my radar. Present & Correct is an online business based in the UK that houses "a place for our own designs, things we love by other designers from around the world & vintage items which we discover around Europe, and sometimes further afield." Their inventory seems to lean heavily toward the office supply environment, but in a very unique & diverse way. Original posters from the 60s mix with new calendar designs, all in a site categorized by words like "mail," "organise" and "ephemera."

I love these Christmas stamps that could be used for all sorts of crafty feats - they're made new, but the 10 different designs have a distinct retro feel about them. And then of course the Roll Calendar from the 70s, with German text and a choice of green or white.

These old tickets are begging to be used creatively and I'm loving the numbered pins, which do indeed cater to my OCD side, as the description describes.

Vintage post cards featuring iconic London vehicles would be fun to send someone and can you imagine having 220 meters (over 700 feet!) of pure cotton airmail string to use at your disposal? I could see myself wrapping all of my gifts this year in nothing more than brown craft paper and this twine-esque embellishment.

What catches your eye on Present & Correct?


  1. I just stopped by their shop, the organization section is awesome!

  2. those stamps are so great, and I love those vintage postcards so much!