Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2 Months!

Today my little man turned two months old and in that cliche way that seems to affect the majority of life, it feels both like it's come too soon and that it's been much, much longer.

His 2 month check up isn't until tomorrow morning so I don't have all the goodies like his weight, but I do have some cute pictures! I was terrible with keeping up with pregnancy photos but I'm freakishly determined to take monthly photos of him.

This time around was much more pleasant than last month!

Poor thing. His mama is a little trigger happy. I blame my paparazzi-esque family and upbringing. It's amazing I'm not obsessed with myself. It wasn't all bad though, he did this awesome pose for me not long after:

Dear Harrison - 2 Months

  • You're smiling all the time now! Usually it takes a little provocation but once you get going you don't like to stop!
  • You love car rides. Sometimes you sleep and sometimes you don't but you're almost always silent, taking everything in. Many times you don't even need your pacifier (which is still your best friend!).
  • You still don't enjoy tummy time but your neck is strong just the same. You prefer being up and alert, looking over our shoulders. 
  • Your hair is ridiculous. In a good way. It's a huge conversation starter ("Look at that hair!") and it seems be be getting lighter and lighter, though it's still as thick as ever. I think you'll need a haircut soon, but for now we're enjoying the craziness of it.
  • You love kicking your legs and they're already super strong. I think you're going to be mobile very early!

And now a photo that makes my kid look like he stuck his finger in a wall socket. I promise he didn't. We're not really sure how his hair does that, it just...does.

 A close up, you say? Sure, for fun.

The resemblance to Bob Ross is impressive. Give that kid a paintbrush!