Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Little Things

This weekend Charles and I ran a ton of errands we had been meaning to get to, which involved us trekking around to what felt like half the stores in Austin. The upside of our romp around town was that we ended up over by the nearest Crate & Barrel where I happened to have about $30 worth of store credit. That's like free money, yo! I love C&B but the sad thing is that I can only afford about 1/8th of what they offer on a regular basis, and thirty bucks doesn't go too far in the grand scheme of things. However, I had recently gotten their new catalog in the mail and a couple of their new kitchen towels caught my eye. I thought they'd be a great way to spice up the kitchen for Spring.

Our old towels are dark red & white striped cheapies from Walmart, so it was nice to bring a splash of color into the room along with some good ol' quality as well. The towels are huge - they're three times as long and wide as what you see above.

I love how with just a little change it can instantly brighten up a room or help you to pause and be thankful for all of the little things in life! You don't always have to do a renovation or complete overhaul of a space to look at it in a different light. 

I originally planned on only getting a couple of the Emily towels, but they only had one in the store and when I saw the Stock Pot towels in person I loved how they went together (and how different the textures were too), so I offset the one Emily style with two of the Stock Pot. I also threw in a Stock Pot Mitt for good measure.

 What changes are you making for Spring? I'll be back later this week with a dresser update!


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