Monday, March 12, 2012

Twenty Five

Today I turn the big 2-5! Being pregnant makes you have an interesting take on birthdays. You really start to think about the intricacies of that first birthday, your day of birth. When your parents were just as you are now, anxiously awaiting their baby, wondering what it would look like, feel like and smell like. In just a month (or less...or more) I'll be in the exact same position, about to meet my little guy for the first time. Nature will determine what day we'll celebrate as his birthday for the coming years and I'll probably be in some crazy pain! Good thing the little beans are so cute, they make it all worthwhile. It's also interesting to think about the fact that when he turns 25, Charles and I both will have just turned 50 (his birthday is the 31st). We'll be exactly a quarter century older than our guy. It's a good number I think, 25. At least I'm looking forward to the year it brings :)


  1. Lovely lovely lovely. I remember you when you were born, with your shock of jet black hair. Funnily enough, Justin came out with jet black hair, too. And you're right, the pain of labor is forgotten as soon as you see the little guy...well not forgotten, but it becomes irrelevant. And they smell so delicious..and no matter how old they get...even 25, they're still our babies.

    Auntie N

    1. I just know our little guy is going to come out with that same head full of black hair! Both Charles and I were wolf babies, so I have no doubt this one will be too! :)

  2. It's funny, but your pregnancy has actually made Walt and I think about that "circle of life" where children start having children. You are the first birth that we actually remember. We anticipated it with your parents. We celebrated your birth. And now we get to see you repeat the beautiful cycle. I look forward to seeing you treasure this little one, just as your parents treasure you!
    Bridget and Walt