Monday, February 25, 2013

A Little of This, a Little of That

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DAY 12: Declutter Books & Media

Thursday, February 14th

"Declutter your book & media collections"

So I went through my books and did take one or two out to put in the Outbox...but I'm one of those people who wants a lot of books and doesn't have a lot of books. So I try to hang onto them as much as possible, even if they're not particularly relevant. Like in our bookshelf I have a great mix of angsty teen novels, architecture textbooks, old yearbooks and bible references. And duh, Harry Potter - the complete collection in hardback. One day I'd love to have a library (and enough books to fill said library) but until then I'll just drool over these inspiration photos...


DAY 13: Weekend Chores - Flowers & Bedroom

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, February 15th - 17th


"Weekly Flowers and Bedroom Cleaning. Give your bedroom a good, deep clean. This should be a very thorough job. The aim is to rid the room of as much dust and potential allergens as possible." 


Charles sweetly picked up some roses for me on his way home from work on Valentine's Day (Thursday), so there was no need to buy additional flowers this weekend. Use whatcha got, ya know?


Technically this weekend our bedroom got anti-clean. My mother-in-law came in for a quick weekend visit, so I busied myself making sure the other parts of the apartment were nice and clean, and the bedroom quickly became the place to shove things that were in the way. On Monday, however, I had the chance to revisit the bedroom and gave it the cleaning it deserved.

I dusted the blinds. I dusted the furniture. I even dusted the fan, y'all. I've never dusted a fan in my life. I used the pillowcase method, which was super duper easy, except I must have wimpy little chicken arms because dang they hurt after holding them up for so long. I vacuumed, made the bed, picked up all the clutter, threw some things in the Outbox, and put away the insane amount of clothes that had accumulated in a certain person's corner that isn't mine. 


Want some before and after photos? Of course you do.


Harrison even got his own little toy basket for our room, since otherwise things ended up permanently hanging out on the bookshelf or sprawled randomly around the floor. 


DAY 14: Get Papers & Files in Order

Monday, February 18th


"Getting your papers and files in order" 


I used this task to organize my camera's memory cards. I have two - an 8GB and a 16GB - and after awhile they get pretty full of lots of random photos. Most are of Harrison, because I have an obsession. Dude, I created this:

I mean I had help, but. Ya know.

Anyway, when it gets to the point where the cards are almost full, I finally make myself sit down at the computer and clean 'em up. After a very unfortunate incident the other year where I nearly lost all of the photos I had on my computer, I now keep two copies of everything. One goes on my computer and the other on an external hard drive. I should probably make a third on all of those blank DVDs I have lying around. Once I've copied everything to those two places I feel it's safe to delete from my memory cards.

I've thought of using online services like Dropbox but just haven't gotten around to it. Plus, I'm cheap.


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