Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Hobby

Let me start off by saying that I did not making a sewing joke in the title like I was really tempted to do. We'll leave that to the professionals (just wait for it).

I've never been interested in sewing. Like, at all. I've never drooled over sewing machines or read all of the how-to books or subscribed to all of the magazines (which all, by the way, are titled with terrible, terrible puns. I know this because I worked in a bookstore. Don't judge.). Anyway, what I have been interested in is DIY of every kind and this obsession has finally made its way to the sewing corner. See, I'm really tired of how much it costs to buy new clothes. I hate that you have to pay upwards of $40 for a new shirt of decent quality now days and while I don't really need anything new to wear, sometimes it's nice to have one thing that's fresh and fun to spice up a drab closet.

The one and only time I've ever sewn anything on my own was this past May, when I had to sew the three pieces of a stocking together to finish it off for my Mom, for Mother's Day. Since it was a present, I couldn't ask her for help and after sneaking her (very very old) sewing machine over to my apartment, I grit my teeth and prayed that I wouldn't screw it up. Not that a straight stitch is all that hard, but in my defense, there were a lot of curves...

I think the thing that really finished me off in terms of resigning to the fact that I'm now interesting in sewing, was discovering that there are so many free tutorials and patterns online. The one I'm currently drooling over? This Socialite Skirt tutorial over at Elle Apparel.

Isn't it absolutely adorable?!

This is the very first thing I plan to attempt. Even if I crash and burn, at least I'll be learning along the way. So now that I've decided I want to give this sewing thing a good ole college try, I need a way Like I mentioned before, my mom's sewing machine, while nice and heavy duty, is quite old. And with age comes simplicity, which isn't a good starting point for someone who doesn't know a thing about sewing. So this is why I've been setting my sights on a new modern sewing machine. Nothing fancy, but one that has those built-in stitches I can take advantage of. Some might think this is cheating, but this is one time that I think I'll just embrace the advantages of technology over being a purist. Enter the beast:

Stylish and fairly priced at $85.00 on Amazon

I've been eying this guy for a couple of weeks now and was planning on saving up for it, and then my wonderful in-laws insisted on paying me for my sister-in-law's senior portraits I did this weekend (more on that later), so I have a little room to play. This is by far not a high-end machine, but it has excellent reviews and is a step up from the $35 Michley I was considering previously.

Once I order this thing, set it up, begin to read the instructions only to get impatient/annoyed and toss them aside, and give it a good test run, I'll give the tutorial a whirl and report back here with the results!

Oh. And now for the puns. I told you they were coming. And you don't even have to look that far. Turn your attention to none other than the packaging of this delightful sewing machine:

Sew advanced! Sew affordable!