Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Dream of Peonies

It's hot here in Texas! The kind of hot that makes you want to jump into a vat of ice water the second you walk outside. In fact, we're one of the 23 states currently being plagued by a heat wave, according to CNN. All of the suffocating heat makes me wish we were back in Spring when we had more rain and cooler weather. And what else is abundant in Spring? Flowers, of course.

Though I didn't grow up a particularly girly girl, I've always had a soft spot for flowers. I love getting them for the random occasion, but I've never really given one flower more thought than another (except Carnations. Not a big fan of carnations). Lately, however, I've been drawn in by one flower in particular and I can't get enough of them:

I adore this bouquet featured over on Kiss the Groom

They just have this way about them that's irresistible. They're very full but at the same time extremely delicate and to me just seem to embody peace and happiness. The peonies have me smitten! Double peonies, more specifically. What I didn't realize prior to my research were the many different forms that peonies take. In addition to double peonies, there are also Single Peonies, Japanese Peonies, Semi-Double and Bomb Double.


While all have their own uniqueness, there's just something about the double peony that keeps me coming back. July is unfortunately one month too late to find them at the florist, so to tide myself over to next spring, I'm instead going to share some of my favorite double peony finds from Etsy. Enjoy!

11x14 print by TessJPhoto
I love this set of postcards from HilaryUpton
'Pretty in Pink' 8x10 fine art photograph from LyndaNaranjo

P.S. What's your favorite flower?


  1. I think there should be a double-bomb peony.

    By the way you are a killer blogger. Normal people wish they could make a post this complete/comprehensive/approachable.


  2. I love peonies! If I could change my wedding bouquet, they would have been my flower of choice! I love how having fresh flowers around my home too can really brighten up my day!

    By the way, glad you enjoyed my zippered pillow tutorial!

  3. I agree, Andrea - I love having a bouquet of flowers on the counter! It's such an easy way to brighten up a room.